[DRBD-user] CPU Affinity (Documentation Bugs?)

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Mon Jan 31 20:17:20 CET 2011

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On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 11:12:49AM +0100, Roland Friedwagner wrote:
> Hello,
> after reading the available documentation in DRBD User-Guide
> (http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/s-latency-tuning.html#s-latency-tuning-cpu-mask)
>   ... 
>   A mask of 12 (00001100) implies DRBD may use the third and fourth CPU.
>   ...
> and the man page drbd.conf:
>   ...
>   The default value of cpu-mask is 0, which means that
>   DRBD's kernel threads should be spread over all CPUs of the machine.
>   This value must be given in hexadecimal notation.
>   ...
> I set the config parameter cpu-mask in drbd.conf to 255 
> (to enable usage of all 8 available cores) but got this:
>   # ps u 4387
>   root      4387  3.5  0.0      0     0 ?        S     2010 1539:29 
> [drbd0_worker]
>   # taskset -c -p 4387
>   pid 4387's current affinity list: 0,2,4,6
> But expected this list: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7
> => Conclusion:
>   1. The example in DRBD User-Guide is simply wrong 
>      (drbd.conf: "cpu-mask 12;"   =>   affinity list: 1,4)
>   2. The cpu-mask parameter has to be specified, as stated in the man 
> page,
>      as Hexstring ("cpu-mask ff;" to get the first 8 cpus) in drbd.conf
>   3. But if the parameter cpu-mask is explicit set to zero in drbd.conf
>      (to get it run on _all_ cpus) I get only the second cput (affinity 
> list: 1).
>      So in this aspect the man page is wrong about the default.

It's not exactly wrong, but possibly lacks an important detail:
if the cpu_mask is not specified, the drbd kernel threads of a specific
minor will be pinned on one particular cpu, but accross all minors, drbd
threads will be spread over all cpus.
At least that was the intention, iirc.
Actual results of an unspecified cpu-mask (or explicitly specified as 0)
may even vary with kernel version.

> My DRBD Version is 8.3.9.
> @linbit: Could this be fixed in User-Guide and man page

Thanks, noted, will be fixed.

> And I'm not sure, if it can safely fixed by setting the mask on running
> [drbd1_worker], [drbd1_receiver] and [drbd1_asender] tasks like
> this: 
>   taskset -c -p 0-7 <drbdX_yyy pids>

In case kernel threads won't ignore attempts to set their cpu mask
from userland, and I don't think they do, then this should just work.

> (Because I won't like to shutdown drbd resources on primary)
> Or may this triggers some race condition and drbd hangs or show other
> erratic behaviour?

It won't cause any harm.

But you should just set cpu-mask ff.

Note that it may take a new write request or other "full round trip"
through all threads to become visible: to avoid locking issues they all
set their own cpumask in their respective "main loop" equivalent.

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