[DRBD-user] Random write performance drop on SSD

Robert Dunkley Robert at saq.co.uk
Thu Jan 27 13:53:32 CET 2011

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Hi Lucas,



That might not be an issue with you config, DRBD does add some write latency and its definitely noticeable with an SSD. Infiniband with SDP protocol should help reduce latency and overhead but there will still be a noticeable write performance drop when using DRBD. Maybe some SSD DRBD user can chime in with their performance findings.





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Hi List

I have big write performance drop when use drbd on my SSD disk.
Normally i have on read 25k iops and write 10k iops when i run performance test on my SSD disk.
When i configure drbd in "cs:StandAlone" i have only 2k iops on write and 24k on read.

I am using drbd version 8.3.9 downloaded from drbd.org.

I tried to change tuning parameters like described in "Part V. Optimizing DRBD performance" but it doesn't help to get result near 10k on write

So is this write performance drop as expected, and drbd is working correctly, or is there something wrong to cause this?

I do not post my drbd config file, because i have lots of them, and they didn't allow me to get more that 3k iops on write.



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