[DRBD-user] Local Asynchronous Replication

Felix Frank ff at mpexnet.de
Tue Jan 25 09:05:40 CET 2011

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On 01/24/2011 06:15 PM, Nick Couchman wrote:
>> Ah, I see. So you want to retain Read-Only access even when iSCSI is
>> disconnected? That's problematic, as DRBD will probably detect possible
>> split-brains and refuse to resume synchronization. You can of course
>> discard your local backing device upon each reconnect, but that will
>> trigger (I think) a full sync from the iSCSI device.
> No, I want full r/w access even when iSCSI is disconnected, then a
> resynchronization (full resync is fine) when the iSCSI volume is back.
> I'm not going to be using this in a cluster scenario at all, so DRBD
> need not worry about split-brain situations, as nothing will be writing
> to the volume on the iSCSI side besides DRBD.  Essentially, the iSCSI
> (backup) side will be a read-only copy used for restoring files and DR
> recovery scenarios.

I got you completely backwards then. No issues with your scenario as far
as I can see.

About asynchrony, you may want to try Protocol B.


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