[DRBD-user] DRBD + LVM backup

J j at koarcg.com
Thu Feb 3 19:50:00 CET 2011

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I have drbd using a logical volume for a disk. I am wondering the best 
way to back this partition up. The current system that this DRBD setup 
is replacing takes a snap shot of a logical volume, mounts it locally in 
another location and then rsync's that directory to an offsite location.

My question is: if I take a snapshot of the logical volume used by drbd, 
will I be able to mount that locally (and easily?) or will I have to do 
a strange setup where I have a resource in drbd.conf that is used only 
for the backup and I'll have to bring it up in a degraded fashion on the 
primary to get it to mount to do the rsync?


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