[DRBD-user] blocking I/O with drbd

Volker mail at blafoo.org
Thu Dec 29 11:50:23 CET 2011

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Hi all,

>> ok ... still drbd 8.3.8 ... what does "iostat -dx" say during your test?
> sadly, yes. elrepo is not an option here because its unofficial.

After hunting the problem in the perc6-caches, page-caches,
lvm-alignment, etc. and not finding anything, i managed to convince some
people here. We are going to try the packages from the
elrepo-repository. any advice besides "use the latest!"?

I was going to use


since 8.4.x is sort of bleeding edge and still might contain some bugs.

Even though the update on a test-host went flawlessly:

Is there anything particular i need to look after before/after the
update of the packages?

Any notes on compatibility between 8.3.8-1 and 8.3.12-1 i should be
aware of?

Once the host is live again, i will report if that did the trick :-)


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