[DRBD-user] Could you please recommend hardware?

Pascal BERTON pascal.berton3 at free.fr
Wed Dec 28 19:21:58 CET 2011

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Hi, Kankamuso!

Following up Digimer's reply, at HP the Proliant DL180g6 is also a good
model I think : It's available in 25 hot-plug 2,5" HDD slots (or 4, 8 or 12
3.5" slots, but I personnaly prefer the 25 slot version). It's a 2 way Intel
server, able to host up to 192GB RAM. One of its best features is its
chipset : the same as the one of the DL380, aimed at IOs, which makes it a
good candidate for what you intend to achieve. It features 4 PCI-e I/O slots
in standard : one 16x, two 8x and one 4x. Enough for instance to host a
SmartArray P812 RAID card with 1Gb BBWC, one dual ported 10GbE card for
replication (There are 2 internal GbE ports in standard), and whatever you
need for something else : FC HBA, additional GbE ports or another P812.
It's one of the cheapest HP servers, it will certainly cost below $10k for a
comfortable configuration... Well, depends on how many disks you actually
need those days...

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


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On 12/28/2011 06:39 AM, kankamuso wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to implement a new DRBD solution to one customer. The problem
> is that I don't know what hardware to acquire for an enterprise
> that is compatible with Linux. 
> I would like something from HP, Dell, etc.. (recognized mark): 
> - At least 2 TB.
> - Hardware RAID.
> - Hot swappable disks.
> - As much expansion bays as possible. 
> We have 12000 euros available for each server (we want two). We have been
> having a look at automatic-failover + replication NAs but no luck yet...
> Thanks in advance,
> Jose.

This is a near-religious question, you do realize. :)

When clients have healthy budgets, I go for HP Proliant ML360/365 G7
(Intel/AMD). Any tier 1 vendor will over-charge you for storage, I've
found. Your requirements are modest and your budget is healthy, so you
should be fine.

Regardless of who you go with, be sure to get a good RAID controller
with either BBWC or FBWC (battery or flash backed write cache). Stick as
much cache onto the controllers as you can afford (1GB at least).

If you expect your disk I/O to exceed a sustainable 125 GB/sec, you will
want to look at 10 Gbit NICs for DRBD. Regardless, I've found it a
worthy investment to have dedicated, bonded (mode=1 Active/Passive)
interfaces dedicated to DRBD and a separate network connection for other


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