[DRBD-user] Could you please recommend hardware?

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If you don't mind paying for overpriced hard drives from Dell, go with the C2100 2.5" chassis. It takes 24 drives. With 1 x E5620, 12GB RAM, 10GbE Mezzanine card, LSI 9260-8i, and 10 x 1TB Constellation.2 SATA drives it should cost you around $8600-9000 each. Their tech support sucks for the C-series. But their hardware support is good (next day on site in US). However, be aware that Dell only provides drive trays for DELL BRAND drives bought directly from Dell. So , for example, if you buy Crucial/Intel SSDs directly from Dell, you still don't get drive trays. And, finding trays for these servers online has been very hard. 

If you don't need the support and are willing to put the servers together yourself look at  http://www.supermicro.com/products/chassis/4U/417/SC417E26-R1400U.cfm. 


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> I would like something from HP, Dell, etc.. (recognized mark): 
> - At least 2 TB.
> - Hardware RAID.
> - Hot swappable disks.
> - As much expansion bays as possible. 

We're running drbd on a pair of Sun X4150 in a primary-primary configuration. OS comes from Proxmox, which is based on Debian-Lenny.
Setup worked without any problems but of course these servers are 3 years old and today you won't get them with hardware support, only second hand, but I think there is a follower X4170 for those who still prefer Oracle/Sun.

> We have 12000 euros available for each server (we want two). We have 
> been having a look at automatic-failover + replication NAs but no luck 
> yet...

A little bit offtopic, but if you need something out-of-the-box with professional hardware support you should have a look at Stratus-Avance:

It's intel-hardware but actually www.stratus.com/avance runs on IBM as well.

And no, I have no experience, no profit and no uncle who is working for one of the companys mentioned above. ;)

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