[DRBD-user] drbd 'none' io scheduler

Adam Kliment adam.kliment at virtualmaster.cz
Wed Dec 7 16:55:37 CET 2011

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I'm fighting with weird issue. When I was tweaking IO scheduling and QoS 
with ionice I took notice that there is written "none" inside of all 
drbd's scheduler nodes in sysfs (/sys/block/dbrd*/queue/scheduler). It 
seem's like no io scheduler is available fot drbd devices at all. Could 
anybody explain me what does it mean, please? I think it's in conflict 
with chapter 13.3.3 of documentation which is about setting io scheduler 
for drbd resource to "deadline" to improve io performance.
Btw writing 'cfq' or whatever to that file has no effect. Details here: 
Many thanks!

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