[DRBD-user] successful replicated nfs?

Mike mike-drbd at tiedyenetworks.com
Wed Dec 7 17:45:41 CET 2011

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	I am trying to follow the linbit replicated NFS howto and, well, I must 
be dumb, because it flat out does not work for me. No distro I have 
tried (current ubuntu, debian, and centos) appears to have whatever 
software versions are necessary to implement the instructions. On debian 
6, and using the backports repository, I can get 'close', but I have to 
selectively massage the list of imported items, and the result is still 
not %100 due to seemingly missing features that are aluded to in the 
instructions but which the command line tools are clearly not supporting 
and which does not manage %100 failover still due to that particular 

	Is there anyone who can speak to this and provide any guidance on 
getting there...?


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