[DRBD-user] Install DRBD on a running system to replicate it

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Thu Aug 11 08:59:46 CEST 2011

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On Wednesday 10 August 2011 22:10:47 valbzh wrote:
> I would like to know first if it is possible to install DRBD on a running
> system (NFS server in my case) in order to link it to an other empty server
> and sync them.

Thats possible.

> I don't want (can't) shutdown this server and I need to migrate it to a
> replicated solution without turning it off.

Thats probably not possible.

To replicate a running system, you will have to decide whether you want 
internal-meta-data or external. For internal you need to shrink the to-be-
replicated filesystem in its partition to make room for the meta-data. Then you 
create the configuration and maybe also start drbd on the second node already.
On the first node you have to unmount the filesystem for a short time, create 
the meta-data, start drbd and while it synces the slave, you can already mount 
the filesystem again by its new device (you have to mount the drbd-device!)

Best test this procedure one or two times before doing it live. And get enough 
sleep before doing this kind of change in the middle of the night (if thats 
the best time to shut down the fs)...

Have fun,

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