[DRBD-user] Directly connected GigE ports bonded together no switch

Herman herman6x9 at ymail.com
Tue Aug 9 16:46:53 CEST 2011

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Sorry if this is covered elsewhere.

I know the Linux Bonding FAQ is supposed to talk about this, but I
didn't see anything specific in it on what parameters to use.

Basically, I want to bond two GigE ports between two servers which are
connected with straight cables with no switch and use them for DRBD.

I tried the various bonding modes with "miimon=100", but none of them
worked. Say the eth1 ports on both servers were cabled together, and the
same for eth5.  Then,  I could create the bond with eth1 and eth5.
However, if I downed one of the ports on one server, say eth1, it would
failover on that server to eth5, but the other server would not failover
to eth5.

Eventually, I decided to use "arp_interval=100" and "arp_ip_target=<ip
of other bonded pair>"  instead of "miimon=100".  This seems to work as
I expected, with the bond properly failing over.

Is this the right way to do this kind of bonding?

Also, right now I'm using "mode=active-backup".  Would one of the other
modes allow higher throughput and still allow automatic failover and
transparency to DRBD?

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