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Matt Graham danceswithcrows at usa.net
Fri Apr 29 18:08:10 CEST 2011

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From: "edwige amani odedele" <bbvijo at live.fr>
> root2:~# cat /proc/drbd
> version: 8.3.7 (api:88/proto:86-91)
>  0: cs:Connected ro:Secondary/Secondary ds: Inconsistent/Diskless
> root1:~# cat /proc/drbd
> version: 8.3.7 (api:88/proto:86-91)
>  0: cs:Connected ro:Secondary/Secondary ds:Diskless/Inconsistent

(Je vais ecrire en anglais, mais je peux lire francais--ecrivez en francais si
vous preferez....)

Nothing will work as long as these machines are diskless and inconsistent.

> root1:~# cat /etc/lvm/lvm.conf
>       filter = [ "a|drbd.*|", "r|.*|" ]

How do you want to set this up?  Is /dev/drbd0 going to be a PV?  It's not
clear from the rest of your message.

> root1:~# pvcreate /dev/drbd0
>   Device /dev/drbd0 not found (or ignored by filtering).

The DRBD device must be Primary on root1 before you can write to it.

> device /dev/drbd0;
> disk /dev/sda4;
> address;
> meta-disk internal;

> root1:~# drbdadm attach data
> 0: Failure: (114) Lower device is already claimed. This usually means
> it is mounted.
> Command 'drbdsetup 0 disk /dev/sda4 /dev/sda4 internal --set-defaults
> --create-device' terminated with exit code 10

What's using /dev/sda4 ?  "lsof | grep sda4" as root will tell you if you
can't see sda4 in the output from mount.  The first thing to do is to get sda4
umounted.  Then you can proceed with getting DRBD set up.

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