[DRBD-user] Yet another DRBD Performance question :-)

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Using drbd 8.3.10 I've seen write performance above ~165 MB/s but I haven't been able to get above ~225 MB/s.  I believe it depends more on PCI, FSB, Memory, QPI, etc. speed/bottlenecks more than the inter-connect speeds though, especially when testing with protocol A.  


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Hi all,

I have yet another DRBD performance question, I know there are tons of them 
out there and tons of answers+tutorials as well. Thus, I'll keep it really 
simple and leave out most the technical/configuration detail:

Scenario: I have a direct 2-gigabit-ethernet link (balance-rr bonded Intel 
NICs) between the DRBD nodes, achieving 1.97GBits measured with iperf and MTU 
set to 9200 (which is the max MTU for this NIC). The backing device RAID is 
capable of 300MB+/s throughput.

Question: Has anyone ever achieved DRBD (8.3.10) write throughput rates above 
~ 165MB/s using a similar 2-gbit-ethernet bonding setup?

I have found the following post by Lars Ellenberg: 
He writes about 163 MB/s write speed on the same setup.

I have probably done all the tweaking the official guides suggest on the 
ressource config. I have also played around with some TCP tweaking... switched 
to protocol A, and so on... But no further increase. I measured the DRBD/RAID 
performance using IOMeter 32kb seq. writes with 1 thread.

So is ~165MB/s the maximum for DRBD writes on 2-gbit-ethernet?

Thanks for all your help!
Dipl.-Ing. Joschi Brauchle, M.Sc.

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