[DRBD-user] Hanging kernel

Alex Adriaanse alex at innovacomputing.com
Thu Sep 23 14:32:56 CEST 2010

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  On 9/23/2010 1:53 AM, Theo Band wrote:
> I have seen this problem as well. You could try, as a workaround, to
> add  "data-integrity-alg crc32c;" to the net section. This resets the
> connection if an error is detected and reconnects again. Since I have
> done that, the timeouts are gone. But I see several times a day "Digest
> integrity check FAILED" messages. This seems to happen at high IO and
> CPU load. I posted a message before on this list on how I can reproduce.
> Just run "pi 22" with a /tmp partition that is backed by drbd (that's
> not your setup as I read).
I've turned it on, so we'll see what happens...

> This looks like a complicated setup. Is this because you cannot run the
> entire machine from a drbd disk? Is this intended for failover?
Right.  This is a failover setup where all data is replicated to a 
backup server that's located offsite.  I'm not running the entire 
machine from a DRBD disk because that means the root filesystem would 
have to boot from the DRBD device.  Thus, the initrd image would have to 
configure the drbd device, and that's not supported on Debian AFAIK.

Thanks for the reply!


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