[DRBD-user] drbd primary diskless w/ corrupted meta-data

Matt Ball, IT Hardware Manager mball at wepanow.com
Mon Sep 20 22:22:12 CEST 2010

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  Scenario: 2-node HA cluster has a DRBD resource that is connected but 
the primary node is diskless and probably has corrupted meta-data 
(stored internally), however when we try to detach/attach or 
disconnect/connect and several other steps it does not succeed.  After 
all standard connect/attach procedures failed we tried to recreate the 
internal meta-data with create-md which says we must zero the drive or 
shrink the file system first...below are the results of that command.

Status: The secondary node has Up-To-Date files and is in control of 
heartbeat, in production and functioning as desired.

Question:  If we zero that partition on primary will it destroy the 
files on the local partition ONLY ... then we can create  new internal 
meta-data then sync it to secondary to get Up-To-Date files back on 
primary? We want to make sure that secondary is not affected by this 
procedure since it has the good files.

[root at primary ~]# drbdadm create-md mysql
md_offset 72826589184
al_offset 72826556416
bm_offset 72824332288

Found ext3 filesystem which uses 71119720 kB
current configuration leaves usable 71117512 kB

Device size would be truncated, which
would corrupt data and result in
'access beyond end of device' errors.
You need to either
    * use external meta data (recommended)
    * shrink that filesystem first
    * zero out the device (destroy the filesystem)
Operation refused.

Command 'drbdmeta /dev/drbd0 v08 /dev/cciss/c0d1p1 internal create-md' 
terminated with exit code 40
drbdadm aborting

Primary drbd-overview:
0:mysql  Connected Secondary/Primary Diskless/UpToDate C r---

Secondary drbd-overview
0:mysql  Connected Primary/Secondary UpToDate/Diskless C r--- /shared 
ext3 67G 1.9G 62G 3%

(FYI - drbd.conf should be attached - if it's not I will post a reply if 
anyone wants to see it)

Error logs:
[root at primary ~]# drbdadm attach mysql
/dev/drbd0: Failure: (111) Low.dev. smaller than requested DRBD-dev. size.
Command 'drbdsetup /dev/drbd0 disk /dev/cciss/c0d1p1 /dev/cciss/c0d1p1 
internal --set-defaults --create-device --on-io-error=detach' terminated 
with exit code 10

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