[DRBD-user] Problem mounting lvm snapshot

Lewis Donzis lew at pt.net
Wed Oct 27 22:36:06 CEST 2010

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> I don't see that happen. I'm now assuming you're using 
> internal metadata 
> (pardon me if I misread somewhere you don't). 

I've tried it with both internal and external, no difference.

> How are you 
> going to restore? 
> You'll have a copy of something that is the combination of 
> the actual data and 
> the metadata. 

The idea was not to use the snapshot as "the backup" but merely to use the
snapshot on the secondary system as a source for other backups.  The idea
was to use asynchronous replication so the performance hit during the
backups won't affect the primary.

So to answer your question, for individual files, we would be restoring
from some other volume (that has nothing to do with DRBD) back to the
primary via NFS or something like that, and for restoring a whole system,
we'd just use the normal/native DRBD methods on the entire device.

> Why not make it way easier on yourself and 
> configure nested LVM 
> on DRBD? You take snapshot on the primary node et voila.

We have neither available space nor the ability to tolerate the
performance hit of snapshots on the primary.  Our eventual goal is to put
SSDs in the primary, at which point we may revisit that idea.

Thanks very much for your thoughts & suggestions.


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