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Thomas Baumann tom at tiri.li
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If you extend /dev/mapper/vg_foo-bar, then nothing changes, as you have to
resize the DRBD which could be done online if in connected state.
If you have LVM on top  you have to extend the PV with the pvresize command,
and after this you may resize the filesystem on top.
If you have a normal Filesystem on top, you should resize this.

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Le 27/10/2010 11:12, Mark Watts a écrit :
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>> Thanks a lot for your reply, but what you mean by "Using an LVM 
>> volume for DRBD backing store" I'm very interested !
> For example:
> resource r0 {
>    on alice {
>      device    /dev/drbd1;
>      disk      /dev/mapper/vg_foo-bar;
>      address;
>      meta-disk internal;
>    }
>    on bob {
>      device    /dev/drbd1;
>      disk      /dev/mapper/vg_foo-bar;
>      address;
>      meta-disk internal;
>    }
> }
> Where /dev/mapper/vg_foo-bar is an LVM Logical Volume.
> This is in contrast to using /drv/drbd1 as the basis for an LVM 
> Physical Volume (ie: doing "pvcreate /dev/drbd1").

Yes, thanks !

Now I understand the difference but in this case what about if I extend the
size of the LVM logical volume "disk /dev/mapper/vg_foo_bar" ?


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