[DRBD-user] Before swap to DRBD

Sam Przyswa samp at arial-concept.com
Tue Oct 26 18:57:37 CEST 2010

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Le 26/10/2010 11:13, Mark Watts a écrit :
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> On 10/25/2010 08:37 PM, Sam Przyswa wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Before to swap my Zimbra and Postfix server on DRBD I have some questions:
>> My actual setup run Zimbra (collaborative app) and Postfix in
>> virtualization on 2 vserver guest and LVM, each virtual machine / is a
>> logical volume. I plan to run the LVM over DRBD.
>> 1) - First of all is the LVM on DRBD is really fiable in production mode ?
> Using an LVM volume for DRBD backing store, and using a DRBD block
> device as an LVM physical volume are both supported.
>> 2) - In case of DRBD crash on primary is it tools to recovery the
>> filesystem and what about the secondary ?
> Assuming DRBD is in Primary/Secondary UpToDate/UpToDate, then an fsck on
> the primary node is all you need.
> Remember, DRBD is replicating changes to blocks. If that happens to
> correspond to writes by a filesystem, then great.
>> 3) - To migrate to the new setup I have to configure the secondary
>> machine with only one machine as primary to create the logical volume
>> and install the vservers. Is it a problem to start DRBD with only one
>> machine before install DRBD and LVM on second machine and sync after ?
> Single-node DRBD is fine. When you do eventually connect the second
> node, a full sync will occur so you may wish to do this during scheduled
> down-time or overnight.
> It's best to have drbd.conf configured for both nodes though, just don't
> start DRDB on the second node until you are ready.

Thanks a lot for your reply, but what you mean by "Using an LVM volume 
for DRBD backing store" I'm very interested !


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