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>>>>> "Philipp" == Philipp Reisner <philipp.reisner at linbit.com> writes:

Hi Philipp,

    Philipp> Dear DRBD-Users, This is a request to test the release
    Philipp> candidate two of the upcoming 8.3.9 release.

    Philipp> Countless CPU cycles where burned by the testing machines
    Philipp> in our Lab.  We get more and more confident that 8.3.9 will
    Philipp> be a good release.

    Philipp> You might use our test suite (
    Philipp> http://git.drbd.org/drbd-testsuite.git/ ) or other means to
    Philipp> find regressions or bugs that have been in the code since
    Philipp> ever. -- We want to hear from you!

I compiled and installed 8.3.9rc2 and unfortunately still find SDP not
working with the same symptoms as described in

Also there were two issues when compiling the kernel modules for a 2.6.32
kernel (both are present in as well). I've appended a diff to
the patch file I generated using make kernel-patch.


    Philipp> 8.3.9rc2 (api:88/proto:86-95) .........

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