[DRBD-user] Reducing iowait

Ben Chobot bench at silentmedia.com
Wed Oct 13 01:05:28 CEST 2010

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On Oct 12, 2010, at 3:34 PM, Robinson, Eric wrote:

> I'm happy with the performance of our DRBD clusters. They have scaled very well. One of our older drbd 8.0.14 clusters is pretty busy these days servicing about 130 separate instances of MySQL and is seeing bursts of 10-30% iowait, sometimes more, for maybe 3-4 seconds at a time. Someone told me I could increase performance and reduce iowait by mounting the ext3 filesystem with the "noatime" option. Are there any dangers to be concerned about when mounting a drbd device using the noatime option?

No more than any other kind of block device. If you're ok using noatime (and for a database you probably are) then using it with DRBD doesn't make a difference.

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