[DRBD-user] Drbd resource return 20 (unspecified)

Ian! D. Allen idallen at idallen.ca
Wed Nov 10 18:53:03 CET 2010

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On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 10:04:10AM +0100, Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> $OCF_RUNNING (which is ... wait... WTF!)
> OCF_RUNNING is non-existent. And as it is empty, it will expand to nothing,
> the statement will expand to "return", and return without argument
> is equivalent to "return $?", so it will return the exit status of the
> last command, which was "drbdadm role".

Oh no!

Anyone writing and running production shell scripts should be using the
"-u" option on the script shebang line to catch the above sort of nonsense:

   #!/bin/sh -u

Never trust a script that lets typing mistakes quietly vanish.  If you
really need to check or use a variable that you expect might not even
be defined, you can simply use the syntax ${varname-}, e.g.

   if [ "${FOOBAR-}" = "" ] ; then

Please!  No scripts with secret typing mistakes in them!

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