[DRBD-user] building drbd 8.3.9 against upstream kernel

Or Gerlitz ogerlitz at Voltaire.com
Mon Nov 8 10:59:50 CET 2010

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Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> Should be fixed with
> http://git.drbd.org/?p=drbd-8.3.git;a=commitdiff;h=d23e7fa9dd7c51160761ebcf9fa06a926b042001

good, adding this patch, which is one commit beyond 8.3.9 I can get drbd to build and operate on 2.6.36

Do you maintain ala -stable drbd releases? REL_VER is still 8.3.9 even though I'm not exactly on 8.3.9...

>> but then drbd_tracing put some more serious challenges, so what would be the best way to proceed. 
> For the tracing stuff, just don't compile it for now.


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