[DRBD-user] Adapting a new fence device for DRBD

Digimer linux at alteeve.com
Fri Nov 5 19:22:54 CET 2010

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Hi all,

  I've created a home-brew, open source fence device based on Red Hat's
FenceAgentAPI. The fence device and agent are now well supported by Red
Hat and now I would like to extend the support to DRBD.

  I've come up with a semi-canned two-node cluster using DRBD and Red
Hat's cluster suite 3. The one thread left dangling is that, when DRBD
detects a split brain, there is no fence action taken or recovery process.

  I understand that DRBD has the ability to tie into a fence device, and
I assume that doing so would help prevent split-brain conditions as one
node can fence the other, mark itself as "more" UpTpDate and then
invalidate the peer if and when it recovers from the fence action. Is
this a correct understanding?

  Any further information would be much appreciated. :)

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