[DRBD-user] DRBD in degraded mode - external/internal metadata?

Peter Luciak Peter.Luciak at iblsoft.com
Tue Nov 2 21:52:00 CET 2010

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I'm trying to install one node of a future cluster (ie. only one node is 
available at current time and 2nd one will be purchased as budget 
permits...) and I'm trying to prepare it in a way that the transition to 
a complete 2 node cluster (DRBD/Heartbeat) will be least painful.

I'm planning to put DRBD on top of LVM and I'm thinking whether to use 
external metadata (on some other LV) or internal metadata. I'm 
considering that:

The node will probably run for a couple of months in degraded mode. If I 
use external metadata, but mount the partition as ext3 (thus bypassing 
DRBD) and later, when the 2nd node is in place, just recreate md, 
resynchronize to 2nd node and pretend everything's ok -- this will not 
work, will it? :)

Could there be some problem when DRBD runs for a longer time in 
StandAlone? Would it be better to use protocol A at first and then 
switch to protocol C?

Peter Luciak

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