[DRBD-user] [oss-security] CVE request: kernel: connector security bypass

dann frazier dannf at dannf.org
Thu Mar 11 23:18:08 CET 2010

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On Mon, Nov 02, 2009 at 11:37:21AM +0000, Mark J Cox wrote:
> On Mon, 2 Nov 2009, Eugene Teo wrote:
> >1/ uvesafb/connector: Disallow unprivileged users to send netlink packets
> >upstream commit: cc44578b5a508889beb8ae3ccd4d2bbdf17bc86c
> >introduced in v2.6.24-rc1; fixed in v2.6.32-rc3
> >
> >2/ pohmelfs/connector: Disallow unprivileged users to configure pohmelfs
> >upstream commit: 98a5783af02f4c9b87b676d7bbda6258045cfc76
> >(staging/experimental)
> >
> >3/ dst/connector: Disallow unprivileged users to configure dst
> >upstream commit: 5788c56891cfb310e419c4f9ae20427851797431
> >(staging/experimental)
> >
> >4/ dm/connector: Only process connector packages from privileged processes
> >upstream commit: 24836479a126e02be691e073c2b6cad7e7ab836a
> >introduced in v2.6.31-rc1; fixed in v2.6.32-rc3
> >References:
> >http://secunia.com/advisories/37113/
> >http://xorl.wordpress.com/2009/10/31/linux-kernel-multiple-capabilities-missing-checks/

Debian provides an out-of-tree drbd module (drbd8), and it appears to
be affected by this issue as well. I assume we need to allocate an
additional CVE ID for it?

Here's a link to the upstream fix:

The in-tree version that got merged for 2.6.33 looks fine.

dann frazier

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