[DRBD-user] [Testing issue] How to destroy meta-data of DRBD devices between the cluster?

leishou yu leishou.yu at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 16:39:58 CET 2010

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Hi friends,

Our product is running on a cluster system where SLES 10.2 and DRBD 0.7.24
are installed. The DRBD device is built upon the physical disk partition *
/dev/sda5*  and business data is written to and read from the DRBD device.

As I have observed, there is an inconsistency of DRBDs at the first time
when the cluster join each other. According to the DRBD manual, we need to
execute "*drbdadm -- --do-what-I-say primary all*" to force one node of the
cluster into primary.

For testing reason I need to reinstall (again and again) the cluster system
with the current hardware and software configuration. The reinstallation
include disk partitioning and disk formatting with reiserfs. After the
reinstallation, I will run the DRBD application and I hope to see the
inconsistency of DRBD as described above. But I failed.

As I guess, although the physical disk partition is re-formated, the content
of the disk partition */dev/sda5*  has not been changed and  the meta-data
of DRBD devices is  also not destroyed. When the DRBD devices get connected
again, they recognized the *old valid information *and won't be
Am I right?

So my question is: *How to destroy meta-data of DRBD devices between the
cluster? B*y destroying the meta-data, the disk partition is "rolled back".
Someone introduced the *dd* tool which can full the disk partition *
/dev/sda5**. But I wonder there is some method more efficient.*
*Thanks for help!*
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