[DRBD-user] bringing up drbd-device in primary role during execution of linuxrc during boot up?

Henrik Kuhn henrik.kuhn at origenis.de
Thu Mar 4 14:44:35 CET 2010

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Does anybody know what kind of configuration setup is necessary on
openSUSE 11.1 to bring a drdb-device into primary role during the
execution of the initrd linuxrc-script?
The purpose would be that on one node a drbd-device gets primary before
fsck checks the underlying FS during system boot and the device is ready
for auto-mounting via fstab.

So far I have figured out: Because drbd needs the /etc/drbd.conf, it is
not sufficient to add the drbd-module to the INITRD_MODULES list and run
'mkinitrd', because the mkinitrd scripts are missing for handling drdb
specific tasks during generation of the initial ramdisk.

Is it possible to add the necessary drbd items manually to an existing

Thanks for your feedback,

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