[DRBD-user] half-built degraded test array waits forever

Steve Wray steve.wray at cwa.co.nz
Fri Jun 18 00:16:44 CEST 2010

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Hi there

I have built one half of a drbd cluster and everything is fine except after a reboot;

On reboot I have to enter 'yes' on the console.

The aim is to be able to run this one-half of drbd for some simple tests, there is no worry about redundancy or any concerns like this; the array is degraded, we know, we would like it to boot up without manual intervention on the console, please :)

drbd appears to be ignoring these values:

degr-wfc-timeout 1;
wfc-timeout 1;

or am I missing something?

I had anticipated that the degr-wfc-timeout value of one second would result in the half-array coming up after a one second delay and the text on the screen at this time *appears* to support this hypothesis;

DRBD's startup script waits for the peer node(s) to appear.
- In case this node was already a degraded cluster before the
  reboot the timeout is 1 seconds. [degr-wfc-timeout]
- If the peer was available before the reboot the timeout will
  expire after 1 seconds. [wfc-timeout]
  (These values are for resource 'java-drbd-disk'; 0 sec -> wait forever)
To abort waiting enter 'yes' [100]: yes

I am puzzled as to where the '0 sec' comes from.


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