[DRBD-user] Digest integrity check FAILED (when using MySql)

Martin Gombač martin at isg.si
Tue Jan 12 11:26:33 CET 2010

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Florian Haas wrote:
> On 2010-01-11 19:44, Martin Gombač wrote:
>> Hi,
>> under heavy-to-mild mysql usage in Xen PV server hosted on drbd block
>> device, i get the Digest integrity check FAILED. dd or copy operations
>> seem not trigger it.
>> I've read posts about this issue before, so i'm aware that it's saving
>> my data and the usual ways to go about fixing it.
>> http://lists.linbit.com/pipermail/drbd-user/2008-January/008343.html
>> http://lists.linbit.com/pipermail/drbd-user/2009-February/011357.html
>> First thing i did was to remove all offloaded work from network card, to
>> the CPU ([rx on|off] [tx on|off] [sg on|off] [tso on|off] [ufo on|off]
>> [gso on|off] [gro on|off]) but it didn't help. Then i switched to second
>> network card, intel server type and it still didn't work. Offloading or
>> not, it didn't matter. I tried two more different network cards, just to
>> be sure. These were the cards:
>> # Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5721 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express
>> # Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
>> # Intel Corporation 82572EI Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Copper)
>> # Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+
>> The system is latest stable CentOS (5.3) running Xen. Drbd is from
>> extras repo.
> You're running Xen VMs on top of DRBD? Most likely guess is that these
> errors occur in you guest domain's swap space then. Can you confirm (or
> disprove)?
> Cheers,
> Florian
> P.S.: Your subject is misleading. You're not running into these messages
> "when using MySQL", but "when running MySQL inside Xen", IIUC. That's a
> big difference. :)

Hi Florian,

that (swap thing) was my first guess so i disabled swap (file) all 
together. I will do it again today just to confirm it 100%. Will post 
results a bit later.
As a note, i'm not using reiserfs and it's magic, so that can't be the 
reason either.

About MySql u're technically correct and i have had the subject like 
that: (when using MySql under Xen PV) but preforming all other IO 
operations i can think off on the PV, didn't result in digest integrity 
failing, so i removed Xen out of the subject. :-) Please note that there 
have been similar problems reported on this mailing list in the past in 
relation to MySql without Xen.

Thank you for taking the time to answer,

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