[DRBD-user] Questions regarding system update

Sven Geggus sven at gegg.us
Sat Jan 2 16:37:14 CET 2010

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currently I have two machines still running on an older Kernel
( and a somewhat older Version of drbd:

 ~/ # cat /proc/drbd 
version: 8.0.14 (api:86/proto:86)
GIT-hash: bb447522fc9a87d0069b7e14f0234911ebdab0f7 build by
phil at fat-tyre, 2008-11-12 16:40:33
 0: cs:Connected st:Primary/Secondary ds:UpToDate/UpToDate C r---
    ns:383613583 nr:1469 dw:383615053 dr:1654730625 al:3180084 bm:11 lo:0 pe:0 ua:0 ap:0
	resync: used:0/61 hits:0 misses:0 starving:0 dirty:0 changed:0
	act_log: used:0/257 hits:42277738 misses:6139302 starving:6 dirty:2959216 changed:3180084

The Userland is currently Debian oldstable (etch) which I intend to
update to the current stable Version of debian (lenny) and a current
Kernel ( in the next few days.

So here are the questions which arise:

Which Version of drbd should be used to get a compatible setup to the Version
which will enter mainline in 2.6.33?

Which userland Version of drbd (debian does offer Versions up to 8.3.4)
should be used?

Will the the current on-disk format be compatible with this Version?



P.S.: Out of curiosity, which filesystem would you recomend to be
used on drbd? Currently I'm using xfs but ext4 with journaled quota
migth be an option as well.

"Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly"
(Henry Spencer)

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