[DRBD-user] Config Question

Joseph L. Casale jcasale at activenetwerx.com
Wed Feb 24 23:34:01 CET 2010

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In the mean time while I research how to set up the 2 node cluster I require, I
need to get the data in question redundant, services will only be provided by Node A
hence Node B will never mount the resource. It would be a given that Node A should
always have the right data except in the case of corruption detectable by drbd, and
not application level faults obviously.

Would it be correct in this interim step that the following config params produce
the situation whereby I make Node B always secondary except in the case of the detected

  startup {
    # wfc-timeout  0;
    degr-wfc-timeout 120;    # 2 minutes.
    outdated-wfc-timeout 2;  # 2 seconds.
    # wait-after-sb;

  disk {
    on-io-error   detach;
    fencing dont-care;

  net {
    after-sb-0pri discard-node-NodeB;
    after-sb-1pri consensus;
    after-sb-2pri violently-as0p;
    rr-conflict disconnect;

Thanks for any pointers.

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