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screenie alex at joelly.net
Tue Feb 23 16:55:44 CET 2010

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dear sires,

i am planning to create a red. shared storage with two nodes but have some
questions after reading the drbd manual;

1. meta-disk internal means i do not have to take care about it because it
will be created automatically based on drbd-size, al-extends and sync-rate?
i think a few years ago when i read the first time a drbd docu there was the
need to leave some free space behind the drbd-partition which were
automatically used for the meta-disk - has this changed or do i need this
just also?

2. meta-disk internal will be automatically created at the end of the
partition - so, on raid hardware you can increase the storage on the
underlaying device by adding more disks and grow the partition, but what
does this mean for drbd?
when the partition will grow and the meta-disk stay on its position - will
it be overwritten after some time?
or will it automatically move to the end of the partition, or is it
generally not possible to increase a drbd-device and should be rather build

3. are there some recommendations for getting a fairly good performance on
following hardware?
two nodes with hw-raid-6 on 8 harddisks,
drbd partition size 4tb,
3x gbit server nic's bonding mode 0 with 2.15 gbits/sec throughput - jumbo
frames on for syncing only (iperf),
permanent write data rate on the raw device with ~540mb/sec (dd if=/dev/zero
of=/dev/sdb bs=1024000 count=200000)

i know there are some parameters to modify but i am a beginner and do not
need this everyday so maybe someone can provide some of these values from
his experiences;

thanks in advance
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