[DRBD-user] LVM Partiton´s vanished on top of DRBD

Bart Coninckx bart.coninckx at telenet.be
Sun Feb 21 19:51:15 CET 2010

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Just an idea, but did you change the LVM config file to leave the VG and LV on 
top of DRBD alone untill DRBD has booted? 


>hi all,
>we use
>two Supermicro Server 8GB RAM, 2xQuadcore Xeon 5x 
>3ware 9550 Raid 5 with 6*320GB Seagate, 
>Network for DRBD between the two systems is a direct 10 GB connection (Intel 
>82598EB 10GbE AF Network Adapter) only for DRBD Sync 
>SLES 10 SP2, #1 SMP x86_64 
>DRDB 8.2.6 
>Raid 5 > phy. Disk > LVM > DBBD > LVM > XEN > VBD 
>one lv on top of DRBD as OCFS2 for the DomUs
>then we set for performance 
># blockdev --setra 16384 /dev/sda (only change) 
># echo 512 > /sys//block/sda/queue/nr_requests 
># echo deadline > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler 
># echo 20 > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_background_ratio 
># echo 60 > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_ratio
>node 1 with 2 aktiv DomU´s
>node 2 reboot

>after reboot node 2, drbd was sync with node 
># /etc/init.d/drbd status
>0:drbd0  Connected  Primary/Primary  UpToDate/UpToDate  C
>but, the VG an the LV on top of drbd was vansihed
>and on the node 1 the same??????????
>then I was show the partitions on node 1
># df 
>/dev/sda2                          / (mounted)
>df: '/vm': Input/output error ???
>but the DomU´s on node1 running and has mounted LV on top of drbd as xvd???

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