[DRBD-user] drbd fencing policy problem, upgrading from 8.2.7 -> 8.3.6

Petrakis, Peter Peter.Petrakis at stratus.com
Fri Feb 5 18:46:24 CET 2010

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Hi All,

We use resource-only fencing currently which is causing us a problem
when we're bringing up a cluster for the first time. This all worked
well with 8.2.7. We only have one node active at this time and the
fencing handler is bailing with '5' which is correct. The problem is,
this return failure is stopping us from becoming Primary.

block drbd5: helper command: /usr/lib/spine/bin/avance_drbd_helper
fence-peer minor-5 exit code 5 (0x500)
block drbd5: State change failed: Refusing to be Primary without at
least one UpToDate disk
block drbd5:   state = { cs:StandAlone ro:Secondary/Unknown
ds:Consistent/DUnknown r--- }
block drbd5:  wanted = { cs:StandAlone ro:Primary/Unknown
ds:Consistent/DUnknown r--- }

We setup our metadata in advance before we use drbdsetup to attach the
disk. Here's the

version "v08";
uuid {
  0x0000000000000006; 0x0000000000000000; 0x0000000000000000;
  flags 0x00000011;
la-size-sect 2097016;
bm-byte-per-bit 4096;
bm {
  0x0000000000000000; 0x0000000000000000; 0x0000000000000000;
  4092 times 0x0000000000000000;

The flags we set ought to be telling DRBD that our data is UpToDate
enough to become
Primary but it doesn't seem to matter while fencing is enabled. The
result is
the same regardless of whether I specify '-o' while calling drbdsetup

This is how the disk is being setup.

/sbin/drbdsetup /dev/drbd5 disk /dev/disk-drbd5 /dev/disk-drbd5 internal
--set-defaults --create-device
 --on-io-error=detach -f resource-only

Thanks in advance.


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