[DRBD-user] strange split-brain problem

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Tue Dec 7 21:22:34 CET 2010

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Things are getting worse:

Am 07.12.2010 20:36, schrieb Klaus Darilion:
>> And, BTW, no.
>> Your /etc/hosts file has zero to do with how DRBD behaves.
> At least I can reproduce the bad behavior when adding the bug to
> /etc/hosts. I think it has something todo how I address the disk. The
> one volume which is working fine is configured with:
> disk /dev/mapper/cc1--vienna-manager--disk--drbd
> The other volume which causes the problems is configured with
> disk /dev/cc1-vienna/cc-manager-templates-drbd
> which is a symlink to
> /dev/mapper/cc1--vienna-cc--manager--templates--drbd
> So, I have no idea why, but it seems that if /etc/hosts is broken then
> the symlinks are no available when DRBD starts. When after booting up is
> stop/start the DRBD service, then DRBD attaches to the disks fine. Strange.

I changed drbd.conf to use the "mapper" devices instead of the symlinks.

Now after startup all but one of the volumes were attached to the local 
disk. The one failed with:

block drbd6: refusing attach: md-device too small, at least 2048 sectors 
needed for this meta-disk type
block drbd6: drbd_bm_resize called with capacity == 0
block drbd6: worker terminated
block drbd6: Terminating worker thread

After that I manually attached the device without problems.

Is this really a problem with a too small device or may it be that the 
device wasn't existing at all?


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