[DRBD-user] strange split-brain problem

Felix Frank ff at mpexnet.de
Tue Dec 7 17:30:47 CET 2010

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> Or could this have occurred before B was shut down?  

Such was my assumption.

> Yes, but after writes occur to A while B is down, B is out of date even 
> if B doesn't know it.

A knows :-)

> That makes sense to me.  It's what I would expect.  But it doesn't seem 
> to fit what klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at is describing.

Now that you point that out once more, it does seem strange that A
considered itself not UpToDate. I had been under the wrong impression
that A was shut down before B. This probably renders my earlier
ramblings futile.

I would like to see pertinent log entries from node A regarding the
broken resource, especially from the time immediately before and after
A's reboot, and around B's shutdown.

Thanks for pointing out that mistake.


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