[DRBD-user] drbd tar config

Norbert Winkler norbert.winkler at liwest.at
Sat Apr 17 10:48:36 CEST 2010

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Hello Forum
I have a problem with the ./configure scipt from drbd8.3.7
- downloaded as tarball from linbit

on my first node the drbd.conf  (and the other dir)are in /etc
on my second node the drbd.conf is in /usr/local/etc

I tried  on my second node
./configure --localstatedir=/etc
./configure --sysconfdir=/var

but they are in /usr/local
to copythe files and path manually isn't the sucessfull I got errors 
like  /usr/local/global_common.conf not found

How can i change the prefix so that on my second node the "drbd.conf 
"and other drbd dir (drbd.d ...)are even in the /etc and not in the 

I dont know what i have done  on my first node when i have configured it 
that it works as i want
And how can i simple check if it worked ??

Please give me a tip

PS: The drbd  system itself worked well on a debia lenny 
with corosync and pacemaker
and the best of all is the  drbd Management console from linbit, it 
makes life much easier for "non programmers" like me.


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