[DRBD-user] Increase the disk capacity

Juan Antonio pushakk at limbo.ari.es
Thu Apr 8 12:22:42 CEST 2010

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Hello everyone,

I have readed the drbd doc, exactly in the part about permanent node failure

"Replacing a failed node with one with worse performance characteristics
is possible, but not recommended. Replacing a failed node with one with
less disk capacity is not supported, and will cause DRBD to refuse to
connect to the replaced node."

I want to increase the total disk capacity in the cluster. My idea is to
change the secondary node for a new node with more disk space, once
sincronized, change the role to primary and change the another node disk
capacity and sincronize this one again.

I have readed the Growing on-line and Growing off-line too but this talk
about grow the backend device and grow the drbd space not about sync the
drbd with a new node with more disk space.

My dude is Can I will use the new total disk capacity in the drbd device

Tank you very much.

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