[DRBD-user] Dual-primary + OCFS2 resync lost datas

Guillaume Chanaud guillaume.chanaud at connecting-nature.com
Wed Apr 7 03:24:04 CEST 2010

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Hi everybody,

i have two node with drbd in dual-primary mode. On top of this there is 
an OCFS2 fs.
I export this whole thing with NFS.
Everything was working fine, i could write on one or another node and 
access one or the other with nfs without any problems.

Few days ago (in fact more than few, it was 10 days ago), one node 
failed. The node was in inconsistency state but the second node 
continued to work read/write. I'm not sure but maybe that even on the 
failed node, some nfs clients continued to write.

Today i put back the failed node, drbd resync, and both node were 
promoted primary automatically. In fact i had nothing to do.

BUT, i lost all datas which was written between the failure and the 
resync. It's like the good node resynced with the failed node and so 
reverted 10 days ago (i thought the failed node would resync with the 
good node and got all datas written the last 10 days) ! That means i 
lost 10 days of data which were here just before the resync.
Is this a normal behavior ??? Is this possible to get back those datas 
(i think no...)

So any clues on this would be welcome,


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