[DRBD-user] Trying to setup Master/Slave configuration using cibadmin

Bernie Wu Bernard_Wu at ncci.com
Fri Sep 18 17:50:55 CEST 2009

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Hi List,
When I test my xml configuration using ptest, I get this error:
# ptest -VVVVV --xml-file /tmp/resource1.xml --save-graph /tmp/graph --save-dotfile /tmp/dot
ptest[9126]: 2009/09/18_10:57:53 info: main: =#=#=#=#= Getting XML =#=#=#=#=
ptest[9126]: 2009/09/18_10:57:53 notice: main: Required feature set: 2.0
element operations: validity error : No declaration for attribute id of element operations
ptest[9126]: 2009/09/18_10:57:53 CRIT: main: /tmp/resource1.xml does not contain a valid configuration
ptest[9126]: 2009/09/18_10:57:53 WARN: cluster_status: We do not have quorum - fencing and resource management disabled
Can someone help in identifying the cause of the error.  My xml syntax is included.

<master_slave id="ms_drbd_oracle">
      <meta_attributes id="ms_drbd_oracle-meta_attributes">
               <nvpair id="2694a168-965d-4fec-82bb-9740676c72e6" name="notify" value="yes"/>
               <nvpair id="3f607ae1-0031-4616-9e5e-c1468a60c4e6" name="globally_unique" value="false"/>
      <primitive id="drbd_oracle" class="ocf" provider="heartbeat"
          <instance_attributes id="ms_drbd_oracle-instance_attributes">
                  <nvpair id="5b47d059-90b0-4f8e-9a38-b33bc6374fea" name="drbd_resource" value="oracle"/>
        <operations id="ms_drbd_oracle-operations">
          <op id="ms_drbd_oracle-monitor-master"
              name="monitor" interval="29s" timeout="10s" role="Master"/>
          <op id="ms_drbd_oracle-monitor-slave"
              name="monitor" interval="30s" timeout="10s" role="Slave"/>

Any help will be much appreciated.

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