[DRBD-user] Crash - Centos 5.3, drbd83 RPM

Mark Watts m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com
Fri Sep 18 11:26:37 CEST 2009

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On Thu, 2009-09-17 at 15:29 -0700, Dave Buechler wrote:
> Memo to Self:  Self, try Reply-All if you want more than one person to 
> look at your problem. ;-)
> Original message:
> Ok.  I have six hours of log data, but it all says pretty much the same
> thing.  Here's the first 15 minutes or so.  If you want more, I'll send
> more.
> Thanks for looking at this.

Looks like you ran out of ram (and swap) and the Out Of Memory (OOM)
killer started taking a hatchet to your system.

I wouldn't have thought DRBD itself was responsible for this; DRBD says
its sync'd OK its unlikely that there would be any outstanding writes
being buffered, so I suspect something else was eating all your ram.


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