[DRBD-user] Force metadata regeneration without using drbdadm ?

Maxence DUNNEWIND maxence at dunnewind.net
Thu Sep 17 22:24:45 CEST 2009

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I use Ganeti which is a virtualization manager (based on xen/kvm) which uses

Anyway, it uses only drbdsetup + drbdmeta but :
- drbd.conf isn't user 
- drbdadm is *never* used to create the drbd device, the only commands use are :
  * drbdsetup disk
  * drbdsetup net 
  * drbdsetup syncer
  * drbdmeta create-md

So ganeti creates a drbd device using these commands. At this stage, the setup
is : 
- A data device, let's say /dev/foo/bar_data (foo is a lvm group)
- A metadata device, let's say /dev/foo/bar_meta
- A drbd device /dev/drbd1 

The challenge is to put an existing disk with a full system on the preconfigured
lvm volume (bar_data), so the steps are :
- drbdsetup /dev/drbd1 down
- dd if=/some/dev/already/configured of=/dev/foo/bar_data 

This step is good, but now I need to force metadata resynchronisation on
/dev/foo/bar_meta, but I can't use drbdadm because there is nothing in
drbd.conf, and nothing made with drbdadm, so I don't have any ressource :)

The question is : 
how can I force metadata resynchronisation on an "external" partition only using
drbdmeta and drbdsetup ? 


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