[DRBD-user] Zero time file saving problem from nfs clients on latest rhel 5.4 and drbd-8.3.2

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Thu Sep 10 18:50:51 CEST 2009

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On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 12:33:53PM -0400, Diego Remolina wrote:
>> I think it is "impossible" for this to have anything to do with block
>> device drivers such as DRBD, as on the block level, we neither know nore
>> care for the _content_, which is submitted.
>> This will be a generic problem with that kernel and nfs,
>> or that kernel and nfs on certain file systems.
> I ruled this out by creating an nfs 4 share on a non-drbd file system on  
> the machine that was currently the drbd master. I shared that file  
> system in the same way I have the drbd ones via nfs, then launched open  
> office, created an odt file. When saving to the nfs share on a non-drbd  
> device, it saved correctly (correct date and time). When saving to the  
> nfs share on the drbd device, saving failed, an empty file was created  
> there with the bad time stamp and no permissions, ---------.
> I do not know much about the internals of how drbd works, but based on  
> my observation that it does not work on the drbd partition with the new  
> kernel, isn't it possible that some patch applied to the new Redhat  
> kernel in 5.4 breaks drbd when it is compiled against the new kernel  
> sources?

That certainly would be possible, but it would break in totally
different was. No, these symptoms I'd say are still impossible
to be caused by a block driver.

Did you use the same file system _type_?

i.e. if your "non-working on drbd" file system is XFS,
and your "working on non-drbd" file system is ext3
 ===> wrong conclusion.

> Diego
>> Nothing to do with DRBD.
>> But keep us posted, nevertheless.

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