[DRBD-user] drbd + 10gig network

Igor Neves igor at 3gnt.net
Thu Oct 29 19:40:33 CET 2009

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Are you still using software raid?

Have you tryed out using hardware raid?

The only time i had tryed out drbd with mdraid, well let's say, i never 
will try that again, from now on, we only use areca raid cards. Anyway, 
software raid it's slow, if you want to do this thing, buy raid 
controllers, the best ones are areca, 3ware and lsi it's bad, don't know 
all the others.


On 10/23/2009 10:40 PM, Mike Lovell wrote:
> exaggerated the problem. when the sync hangs, the drbd module is 
> almost completely unresponsive. i tried doing a pause-sync and then 
> resume-sync thinking that it would nudge the module into working but 
> the commands timeout on talking to the module. i can still cat 
> /proc/drbd but that is about it until i take down the network 
> interface and drbd detects the network change. if i then bring back up 
> the interface, drbd detects it can talk again but then only syncs a 
> couple of megabytes before stalling again. i have tried every way i 
> can think of to check the integrity of the network link between the 
> hosts and everything says they are fine except for during a ping flood 
> there will be a few out of a couple h

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