[DRBD-user] Critical bug in documentation with nested lvm<-drbd->lvm

Martin Gombac( martin at isg.si
Tue Oct 27 14:39:03 CET 2009

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Yeah, my bad. :-)
Drbd0 is automatically smaller than the backing device for it, in this 
case r0.


Dominik Klein wrote:
> Martin Gombac wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i've read http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/s-nested-lvm.html.
>> It seems that when you delegate/create logical volumes in step 11. you
>> don't take into account, that in the backing storage for it (/dev/drbd0)
>>  there is also metadata, 'cause you use internal. So if all of the disk
>> space gets delegated, so does the part with internal metadata (at the
>> end of drbd0).
> Metadata is never on drbdX. It is on the backing device.
> Regards
> Dominik
>> I think in step 4. another logical volume should be created for metadata
>> and referenced in drbd.conf in step 6.
>> Regards,
>> M.
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