[DRBD-user] Questions regarding offsite disaster/recovery (from stacked drbd device)

Johan Verrept Johan.Verrept at able.be
Tue Oct 27 12:41:56 CET 2009

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> i've successfully implemented a three-node setup with an offsite node
> via drbd stacked-device as explained in the users-guide
> ( http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/s-pacemaker-stacked-resources.html ) 
> the offsite drbd-device status is always 'secondary' because it has to
> stay in sync with the 'primary' (stacked) device managed by pacemaker
> crm.


> afaik 'secondary' devices cannot be mounted/accessed. 

True. Florian has a post about that on his blog.


> so, how can i access the offsite data, assumed all nodes in my
> ha-cluster failed? 

I am not quite sure what you want. If you fix the problems with the
cluster and restore the config, you make them sync from your offsite

If your other nodes failed, I also see no problem in making the offsite
node primary until the other nodes are back up (and in sync with the
offsite node).

> is there a possibility to make the data on the offsite node
> permanently available (read only)? 
>   e.g. so i can always 'clone' my production data to my
> test-environment from the state: 
>     cs:Connected   ro:Secondary/Primary ds:UpToDate/UpToDate 

Use drbd on lvm and make an lvm snapshot of the running drbd device and
mount that snapshot read-only. It isn't live data, but it is as recent
as the snapshot. Also seems good for backups.


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