[DRBD-user] split-brain after trying to verify?

Rafał Kupka rkupka+Listy.Drbd at pronet.com.pl
Fri Oct 23 14:02:59 CEST 2009

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On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 03:21:49PM +0400, Michael Tokarev wrote:

> I followed the howto, built a resource, syncronized
> it, created a filesystem on it, switched roles
> (pri/sec) between two hosts, made it primary on
> two nodes, did some writes etc.  So far so good,
> it all worked just fine.
> Next, I added "verify-alg sha1;" on both sides
> and ran `drbdadm adjust' on both nodes.  Next
> I ran 'drbdadm verify'.

You have both sides in primary role. Then "drbdadm adjust" could cause
disconnect & reconnect internally I think. Even before verify you have
split-brain condition.

It's good practice to execute adjust in dry-run mode before real one:
drbdadm -d -v adjust all
and put device in secondary role before. At least one of them.

PS: I learned it hard way too :)
Great software without the knowledge to run it is pretty useless.
(Linux Gazette #1)

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