[DRBD-user] Replication over a VLAN between two distant sites ?

Marco Gaertner marco at GAERTNERS.ORG
Thu Oct 22 22:36:36 CEST 2009

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OpenVPN works well for us.  We run MS-SQL over iSCSI on this DRBD device, but our SQL DB is relatively low usage with about 1 short INSERT/UPDATE per second on average.

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check out DRBD Proxy which is I believe the current recommended way to 
setup a long-distance replication with DRBD.


Jean-François Chevrette [iWeb]

On 09-10-22 10:06 AM, LinuxVault.Eu wrote:
> The subject says it all, is DRBD replication possible
> between two nodes at different geographical locations ?
> I can co-locate two servers in two datacenters with a
> private VLAN for replication between both, is this a
> sound solution or is RTD a big issue ?
> Thanks for helping me out here !   :)
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