[DRBD-user] Replication over a VLAN between two distant sites ?

Matt Graham danceswithcrows at usa.net
Thu Oct 22 20:51:30 CEST 2009

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From: "LinuxVault.Eu" <alain at linuxvault.eu>
> The subject says it all, is DRBD replication possible
> between two nodes at different geographical locations ?

We've been doing it for years, and almost all the problems could be
traced to A) someone unplugging the wrong network cable B) someone
doing something stupid to drbd.conf.  So, yeah.

> I can co-locate two servers in two datacenters with a
> private VLAN for replication between both, is this a
> sound solution or is RTD a big issue ?

EXPN "RTD", plz, kthx?  Er... it works well between 2 datacenters
that are about 20 miles apart.  The ~1ms latency combined with 
protocol C means writes are slower than they would be if the boxes
were right next to each other.  Sustained speeds are about 35M/s.
I spent days fooling with many settings in drbd.conf and couldn't
find any way to get any statistically significant improvement on

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