[DRBD-user] Fabio Martins is out of the office

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Wed Oct 14 21:03:42 CEST 2009

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I will be out of the office starting  18/09/2009 and will not return until

Estarei em férias entre 18/09/2009 e 19/10/2009.

Para chamados do suporte técnico, favor entrar em contato com o logon
supaix at br.ibm.com ou o telefone 11-3885-9966 (São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro) e
0800-787378 (para as demais localidades).

Para demais assuntos urgentes, favor entrar em contato com Nelci Rissi
(nelci at br.ibm.com) ou Luciane Peres Catalano (lucianep at br.ibm.com).

Fabio Martins


I'll be out for vacation beginning on Sep 18th up to Oct 19th.

If you need to talk about a PMR, please send an e-mail to
supaix at br.ibm.com.

To talk about other urgent information, please contact Nelci Rissi
(nelci at br.ibm.com) or Luciane Peres Catalano (lucianep at br.ibm.com).

Best Regards,
Fabio Martins
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